Things you will NEED to bring:

  • Vet records of their current vaccines (Distemper and Parvo combo, Rabies and Kennel Cough)
  • Dog food that he or she is used to. No dishes required.
  • A dog blanket or bed cover. Our beds are designed just for dogs and are washed regularly.
  • A dog leash and collar.

Things your dog MIGHT like (but not required):

  • Their favourite bed.
  • Their favourite toys (only for in their room)
  • Any chew treats that they have had before. No bones (raw or cooked).
  • Their sleeping crate – they do love it in their room.

The Conventional Dog Kennels

Kamloops Dog Kennels

THE CONVENTIONAL KENNEL room is located in the basement of my home. It is climate controlled. The inside pens are 4′ X 6′ they are private and offer a comfortable, secure and safe space where dogs eat, sleep and relax. The outside yards are 15′ X 20′ the yards have dog houses and a shelter for additional fun and frolic. In summer each yard is shaded and has its own pool.

Absolute has a play room for all guests. Where dogs can socialize and feel free to relax. This room offers a TV, dog beds, toys. A place that is warm and is safe.

All dogs go out for an adventure daily, they get to enjoy the river view and run or walk.

If a dog is showing upset and/or anxiety in the conventional kennel Maureen will bring that individual upstairs. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Maureen is dedicated to the creation of a safe, secure, comfortable, fun place for dogs.

The Guest House Program

Dog Boarding Guest House

THE GUEST HOUSE PROGRAM is when your dog joins Maureen in her home as a guest. The guests have free run in a totally dog friendly house. Maureen includes these dogs (depending on the needs of the dog)in all daily activities, adventure walks, garden time and playroom time as well as visits to the wash house and spa.

Day Care

DAY CARE Maureen offers a day camp/care program where your dog has every opportunity to play and socialize all day long. Either in our play room or outside with Maureen.

Dog Kennel Gallery

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